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Money is the path to your home
Typically you will find that money is the path to your new home.  More than anything else, your financial situation will dictate how much house you will buy.

There is a budget and finance program for nearly everyone.  One of the most important first steps is establishing this.  Financing is not the fun part about building a home, but it's an important part, so lets get it out of the way first so that we can move on.

The bigger & nicer the house is and the more popular the location is, the more expensive it is.  (really?)

We all want that great big fancy dream house in the best part of town or maybe even on a lake or stream. But before we blow your budget, let's start by setting that up first.  From there on out, we will only discuss what is realistically possible for you.  We won't waste your time with unrealistic dreams only to let you down later.  Building a new home should be fun and exciting! You don't want a financial nightmare. Let's keep it a realistic dream!

If you are financing, the logical way to begin is by setting up a budget based on what monthly payment you can afford.  This works out to a maximum amount to finance.  If we keep our total project at or below that amount, you will be able to build a new house at an affordable price.

It's simple math.  We can help you determine this and recommend a good lender to finance your dream.

Where do you want to be in the final phase of your construction project?
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Wondering how I'm going to pay for this
Watching my project progress without wondering about payments
Wondering how I'm going
to pay for all of this.
Watching my project progress  
without wondering about payments.